Past Interns

Angela Schroder-Dill – University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO

Update: Angela completed her internship in March of 2013, passed her board exam in June, and is now contracting with Up Beat Music Therapy as a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) and doing some independent work as well.

“This internship has been a great experience for me.  The schedule and facilities offer many populations for us to work with.  Some of the facilities we go to include: acute inpatient IMG_2686psychiatric units, medical units, dementia programs at assisted living facilities, nursing and rehabilitation centers, and we also facilitate community housing wellness groups.  The flexibility in this internship also allows for interns to propose new music therapy programs if they so desire.  There is an ample amount of supervisor observation within sessions, in order for the supervisor to provide insight and useful constructive criticism to the intern.  I have specifically been working throughout this internship to play by ear more effectively. Wendy (my supervisor) plays by ear on both the piano and guitar and was able to offer many helpful suggestions on how to grow in this area.  This internship provides the diverse kinds of experiences needed to grow in all skill sets as a music therapist.  I am very happy be a part of this internship and I am confident in the growth that I have seen in myself throughout the program.” – December, 2012


Kaylee Tilton – Berklee College of Music – Boston, MA

Update: Kaylee completed her internship in April, 2013, and practicing in her hometown of Seattle, Washington!  See what she and her business are up to at

Kaylee1Testimonial: “Even though we are only halfway (my, where has the time gone?) through this internship, I can already confidently say that it has shaped me and helped me grow as a professional, as a therapist, and as a person. The schedule is varied and each day offers new and exciting populations with whom to work. There are times, however, that it would be easier if I had my own car as a means
of transportation to and from the North Shore, but my supervisor and co-intern have been very helpful in that regard. The supervision style in this program offers me support when I need it and the freedom and independence to shape this internship to my needs and find my own voice as a music therapist and a professional.  Given the flexibility of this internship I am very excited to begin work on my final project: starting a music therapy pilot program on the pediatric unit at the hospital where we work.  I have always wanted to work with kids and I can’t wait to put my vision into action! As I intend to be a self-employed music therapist after I become certified, I am confident that this internship will help me gain the skills and the experience necessary to make all of my visions a reality.”   –
December, 2012