Music Therapy

At Up Beat Music Therapy, music therapists provide quality music experiences in settings such as:

IMG_2881Dementia Care – Singing, reminiscing, songwriting, drumming, and music-assisted exercise are used to elevate mood, decrease agitation, provide familiarity despite confusion and uncertainty, promote socialization and communication, and to help maintain skills and self-esteem.

Recovery РTherapeutic drumming, lyric analysis, improvisation, creative arts, individual and group songwriting, relaxation, and group singing experiences are used to promote emotional and mental health through creative expression, self-regulation, cooperation with peers, decreasing anxiety, and increasing energy.  Physiological benefits can include regulated heart rate and blood pressure, decreased physical tension and stress. Recreative experiences and coping strategies are explored in these settings.



Adult Day Health and Rehab – Recreative music therapy experiences provide opportunities for creative expression and socialization, and can be adapted for any demographic. Neurodiversity is celebrated within group contexts and participants are able to contribute as much or as little as they want.